Thursday, 3 December 2015

THE HUB 2015

The Hub is Regions Beyond's annual conference in Dubai which a few of us have just returned from. It was an intense few days, with prayer meetings starting at 8.30am and then continuous gatherings until dinner was served at 9pm – later if you got caught up in ministry! God spoke powerfully, both to individuals and to us as a movement.

Regions Beyond's vision remains focused on the nations. Whether this means church planting locally in places like Edenbridge and Chester-le-Street, or pioneering new works further afield in places like Rwanda and Eritrea, Croydon Jubilee is part of something that now stretches from our doorstep to the ends of the earth. There were many, many nationalities represented, from the mountains of Lesotho to islands in the Indian Ocean, and it is a provocation to us to maintain a vision that extends beyond Croydon or the UK; a provocation that runs throughout the scriptures that we need to take seriously.

Powerful prophetic words were brought by various people and it was particularly impressive to witness the gifting of Janet Bran Hollis, a South African prophetess who isn't part of Regions Beyond but a great friend of our movement. In particular she prophesied over Terry Virgo, the father of Newfrontiers, about the church regaining its voice in the UK including at the political level.

The preaching was astonishing. The usual suspects like Terry, Ray Lowe and Steve Oliver were on top form, but younger guys like Daniel McLeod from Bromley truly stood out in gifting and authority. Once the talks are on the website, we'll let you know; listening to them would be time well invested.

Worship and prayer also took centre stage in many meetings, with many different people being given responsibility to lead and facilitate, which led to a great family atmosphere. Even I (at short notice) ended up giving a seminar on living overseas to a small number of people who are moving country. Amongst the seminars there was something for everyone: prophetic, business and the church, deep theology, bible exegesis and mission.

Regions Beyond is still part of Newfrontiers and The Hub is fruit of prophetic words spoken over Newfrontiers 15 years ago, when Stoneleigh ended and the key words were 'go' and 'multiply'. At a recent gathering in Turkey of Newfrontiers apostles it was shared that in 2001 less than 300 churches were part of Newfrontiers. That has now multiplied to around 1500 churches in 70 nations. What an incredible testimony! God is on the move, is ever faithful and the gospel is going to the ends of the earth, and we are part of it.

Everyone would have been blessed by being at The Hub, so how can you get a taste? Next year we will have Fusion, a UK-based gathering at the Norfolk Showground from Sat 28th May to Tue 31st May (note the dates have changed so children don't have to be taken out of school and we don't have to arrive in the dark!). This will also be an international affair – 50 people from Dubai have already booked to come! Bookings can be made at

Alternatively, you may want to go to The Hub in the future. Whether and when it will happen again will be decided in January, but if it does happen again in Dubai, don't rule out going! This year 21 people went from Christ Central in Penge and having a larger contingent from Jubilee in future years would be brilliant.